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Arts & Technology Academy is a Eugene 4J middle school located in West Eugene adjacent to Westmoreland Park at 1650 W 22nd Avenue. It is one of two middle schools in the Churchill High School region and is housed in the Jefferson School Building, along with K-8 Family School.

Construction will begin in Spring 2016. Completion is scheduled for Fall 2017.

During the planning and initial design process for their new building, the Arts & Technology Academy began an exciting and innovative new STEM immersion program that integrates science, technology, engineering, math and the arts. This new curriculum program is the prime element in the design and layout of the building. For additional information on the new STEM immersion program at ATA, click on the link below:


Excerpts from the article:

School gets nearly $700,000 grant to increase hands-on integrated learning in science, technology, engineering and math

Dream. Design. Make. Learn. That’s what middle school students at 4J’s Arts & Technology Academy will soon be doing more of, thanks to a $690,932 STEM Lab School grant from the state.

The Arts & Technology Academy emphasizes STEM studies (or STEAM, including art), focusing on science, technology, engineering and math. Now the southwest Eugene middle school is taking its STEM focus to the next level.

The large grant will help the Arts & Technology Academy transform into a “STEM lab school,” where teachers and students engage first-hand with exciting and relevant projects integrating science, technology, engineering and math throughout the curriculum. Hands-on, real-world projects will help students learn to think critically and creatively. The purpose is to create a living and learning STEM school where teachers and students engage in the best practices around integration and mastery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics content in a project-rich atmosphere.